The Mantras of Camba Jewelry

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a word that encourages a gentle harmony between the mind, body and soul. It

can be spoken aloud or absorbed from within.

A mantra holds esoteric properties that promote health, wellness, balance and will power. Kristin believes in combining beautiful objects with the power of repetitive mantras to promote wellness and peace of mind. For this reason,

she has developed five mantras that are also

an acronym for her business name "Camba". Her

five mantras are: courage, ambition, motivation, bravery, and acceptance. These five motivational mantras speak to the soul and reinvigorate

the human spirit.



What's your mantra?

That is the question that every piece of Camba Jewelry asks the wearer. Jewelry Designer Kristin Krull has single-handedly created one of the most stylish jewelry lines to grace the handmade marketplace. Each piece from the Camba Jewelry line also carries with it a special message. Attached to each OOAK necklace and bracelet of Camba Jewelry is a custom mantra charm that features one of Kristin's mantras inscribed on it.

"I believe courage is not being fearless, but being able to deal with your fears" -Kendall Buerke

Camba's ten mantras

Kristin's inclusion of mantra charms on each of her one of a kind jewelry designs has made her works of wearable art in high demand. The miniature mantra charms have been so popular that her clients have requested even more. Kristin has released ten mantras which appear as part of her unique jewelry designs. All the mantras correspond with each letter of CAMBA; the second set of mantras are compassion, abundance, mindfulness, balance, and awareness. What's your mantra?


Inspired by the beautiful colors of gemstones she encounters during her travels, Kristin's jewelry line is meant to inspire the wearer to be present in her life and strive for excellence. She utilizes energy filled materials in each one of her creations including semi-precious gemstones, crystals, fresh water pearls and precious metals. The Camba Jewelry line is filled with gorgeous designer jewelry pieces that are unique and fitting for any fashionista looking to stand out from the crowd.

Right now the most important mantra is COMPASSION. We need more compassionate people in this world. Be kind to all living things.