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Wholesale by Camba Jewelry

Camba Jewelry has adorned the shelves of 30+ shops and boutiques. Boost sales and improve the look of your store shelves

by selling Camba Jewelry!


You can wholesale Camba Jewelry in one of 2 ways: in person or online.


In person: I do things differently from most wholesalers. You won't see me at a wholesaler's market. Instead, I have a

one-on-one private meeting with your buyer in a place that is convenient (that's usually the buyer's office, or anywhere there's a counter top, desk, or table). That's right, I COME TO YOU! No ordering is needed, just pick what you want from my current collection (beautifully organized and arranged in trays), pay, and we're done! No wait time, no ordering. Call me back in a few months and I'll have a whole new collection to show you*. This method is great for buyers who need to restock asap, or for buyers who do not enjoy crowds at  wholesale marketplaces.


OR... order online: 

Camba Jewelry has partnered with Faire.com to allow you to order online. In addition to easy ordering, we now offer the following benefits through Faire:
Net 60 terms on all orders for brick & mortar stores, free returns, and for a limited time: $100 of credit for our line when you sign up! Just click here to create a wholesale account on Faire.com.





You can also...

Host a Camba Jewelry trunk show and take a percentage of my sales. 


*popular items that are best sellers and can be reordered over & over will be available through Faire. Everything else I carry changes with the seasons and may not be available on Faire due to limited stock.


...and THAT's why private meetings with me are so awesome! Get the newest and coolest jewelry out there, schedule a meeting with Kristin today!



Above is an example of what a buyer will see when

we have a private wholesale meeting at a place that is convenient for your buyer.